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Sep. 28th, 2012


Hey, People!

So... originally what I had here was a message saying only friends could view my posts, but... I changed my mind. I'm gonna be a nice person and say that from here on I'll allow guests to view most of them (a few of the more personal ones are probably still gonna be locked).

Oh, by the way, the "pairing list" below is... self explanatory. I've got a long list of all the pairs I like from different fandoms. It's long enough that it needed to be put under a cut.  But a little snippet of information for you people: if you like fanfiction, it might be worth checking out. I took the time to link to some of my favorite stories, so if you find a pairing you like that has a link, check it out. I'm a big enough loser that cool enough that I'd probably enjoy chatting it up with you about a fic we both like. Yeah.

Sep. 27th, 2012


My Pairings

So, for the sake of space, I'm moving it all under the cut. I will update this whenever I get into a new fandom (and as such, new pairs). Also be prepared to see all sorts of pairs in there, from normal het to yaoi/yuri to incest. Just a warning.

Be warned, though; there's A LOT of pairings!Collapse )

Jan. 23rd, 2011


Super Duper Shopping List of Doom

Nintendo 3DS - $250 (when it comes out, March 27th of this year)

Kingdom Hearts Re: coded - $34 (surprisingly cheap; you lying to me, internet?)

Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy - $30 (again, I am very skeptical...)

Pokemon Black/White (only one of them) - $35

InuYasha volumes 43-56 - roughly $150 (ugh... but on the bright side, I'll have the whole series)

Hana Kimi: For You in Full Blossom volumes 10-23 - also roughly $150

Ouran High School Host Club volumes 6-16 - roughly $120
Also on the agenda, but not yet priced:

Final Fantasy XIII-2

Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance

Kingdom Hearts: Zero Point (BBS 2; chronicles Aqua's time in the Dark Realm)
How much money I have right now: just over $140. T_T

Crack is indeed cheaper. I blame Squeenix.
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Jan. 11th, 2011


fic: Beginning to Feel (chapter 1/?)

So this is what I'm doing on my snow day. I should be working on fics that I'm posting to fanfiction (especially considering people actually seem to read those, unlike what gets posted over here, but I digress), but no, I'm posting something new. Ah, well. This has been in my head for a while, and it's Roxiri, which I love to pieces.

Fandom: Kingdom Hearts
Author: Me, (also known as MyCurrentObsession)
Pairings: Roxiri, SoKai, others later
Genres: Romance, Suspense, Drama (to come), Action (to come)
Status: Incomplete


With that answer, Roxas knew—he knew what was coming, who the leader would choose to go after, and who would be sent to do the job. He clenched his fists so tightly that they started to go pale, and wished desperately for the floor to open beneath him and swallow him whole. Anything to get away from this place immediately. And sure enough, the leader, Xemnas, turned to him a moment later, a sickening grin on his face. Roxas felt his stomach drop as the man said, “So, our obvious choice would be to go for the one closest to us—namely, our new find, a Miss Kairi Rose. And who better to capture her than the brother of her beloved?”Collapse )


Oct. 9th, 2010


Shipping Corner - Kingdom Hearts

Warning: This post may contain several links to a certain site that is guaranteed to enhance ruin your life.

Why am I doing this? In short, because I recently got Birth by Sleep and as such am in a crazed KH-obsessed state. Long term, though, I just love this series, and the pairings, as well.

I'm not gonna go over all of them, but here's a list of my ships: Axel/Kairi; Axel/Namine; Axel/Roxas; Sora/Namine; Roxas/Kairi; Riku/Kairi; Sora/Yuffie; Zexion/Demyx; Riku/Sora; Leon/Yuffie; Demyx/Namine; Demyx/Yuffie; Roxas/Sora; Cloud/Yuffie; Leon/Tifa; Seifer/Hayner; probably more not listed...

Details inside~!Collapse )

So yeah. That's it, mostly. As you can see, I'm not picky when it comes to my ships. Heck, I ship even more than what I've gone into detail on, and even more than what's on that list up top! But whatever; if this post struck your fancy, hit me back on it. We can pimp our favorite ships together!

Aug. 17th, 2010




But that's probably because I'm a high schooler, and as everyone knows, high school is the best worst time of your life.

But yeah, I start in TWO DAYS.

askfjakjf;agad WHERE HAS MY SUMMER GONE?!?!?!

But I've gone out for volleyball, which is sort of a highlight. Except it means I have to get off my lazy ass and exercise waste my evenings away. Seriously. I've got three hour practices, starting right after school. And by the time I'm done, what do I still have time to do? Hmm, let's see... Eat, take a long shower, do my chores... go to sleep.

Hmm. Now where in that time period can I fit in personal enjoyment (writing/reading fics) or necessary obligations (HOMEWORK, DAMMIT)?

But ignoring my whining, truly the only thing I have to look forward is seeing my friends because I'm a hermit and never leave the house during the summer they live a ways away and I've gone without proper together-time-spending for months now.

Sadly, I'll probably find very little time to work on my fics. And that makes me very unhappy, indeed. My fics are IMPORTANT to me, darn it! I don't want to shove them in the back closet for something like a forced education! I'm a straight A student, so surely I can skip out on this crap, right?


But whatever. I've complained, and I feel better. Regardless of whether or not other people actually care.

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Jul. 18th, 2010


(no subject)

This is basically me ranting, but... I like incest pairings. Ikuto/Utau (Shugo Chara!), Taichi/Hikari (Digimon), and the Twins (Ouran High School Host Club) hold special places in my heart. And, with the exception of the last one, there's next to no fanfiction of these types of relationships.

And the only reason Hikaru and Kaoru have so much is because fangirls love the sexy appeal (that series draws in yaoi fangirls, that's for sure).

So. My complaint is, why are the other two pairs so spectacularly unpopular? Utau is totally willing to admit she loves her brother (heck, even in Encore where she canonically gets with someone else she's still hung up on him till the end), and the only problem is that Ikuto holds the view of most people in that incest is wrong. BUT. Surely someone could make up a good fanfic that has him get over this problem. The REAL lack of fic-age, in my opinion, is that everyone's gaga over him and Amu.

And while Taichi and Hikari may not have any romantic feelings for each other, any half-decent writer could easily make it happen without straying too far into unbelievable territory. The two already are devoted to each other like no one's business (er... that sounded better in my head). I understand that people like other pairs, but that shouldn't stop them from considering this one.

There's tons of people out there who like all kinds of wacked out pairs (some crack, some even more "wrong" than siblings), so how is it that these two blatantly obvious ones are overlooked? I'm desperate to read some good brother/sister stories... T_T

Jun. 21st, 2010


Fic Preview: Remember Me

So, against my better judgment, I'm posting pieces of the two companion oneshots (Remember Me now, and Pictures of You later). It'll be some time before I actually post the whole thing(s) (I mean, heck, I haven't even actually started yet!), but... whatever.

Fandom: Kingdom Hearts (AU)
Rating: T
Pairings: Axel/Namine, Roxas/Kairi (this is in Pictures of You)
Summary: Axel Roux is dying of an incurable disease. As he slowly but surely loses his mind, can he keep ahold of the memories of those dearest to him?

Your fic readage hereCollapse )

Jun. 17th, 2010


What's New, Scooby Doo?

*cough* This has no relation to the actual series called that, but is referring to the show in general. I'll just say it now; I've been a huge Scooby fan since I was a kid, so...

Now, I'm not sure how many of you are aware of this, but recently, yet another series has started up, known as Scooby Doo Mystery Inc. (or something like that). You can watch the preview episode here (part 2; part 3). Like me, any longtime viewers of the show will probably notice it's quite different. I mean, just look at Velma! Not only is she sporting cute little hair decs, she's also sporting a new personality. I don't remember our resident genius being quite so forward...

Plus, they've taken any and all shipping hints and ran with them. Velma and Shaggy are dating and Daphne's being about as subtle as a train in regards to her feelings for Fred (but he's oblivious, hilariously enough). What was really shocking was Velma's behavior towards her new "beau". At one point in the episode, she's practically throwing herself on him (this is also the time when Shaggy reveals that he wants to keep the relationship a secret, because he's apparently searching for the right time to tell Scooby)!

While I'm talking about people, let me mention the small tidbit that the design has changed. The girls have eyes, and, despite the art shift, still look the same. But poor Fred and Shaggy? They have dots for eyes. WTH animators? So yeah, I don't like that. I can live with it, but...

Plus, as of the very first episode, the series has taken a darker turn. Generally, the "bad guy" would, at most, kidnap people. This show's first baddie? He encases them in gelatinous goo that dehydrates them to the point where they appear to be dead. And another big shock, this series is actually going to have a recurring plot instead of the one episode mysteries (although it appears that it'll be slowly expanded upon throughout those one ep. mysteries).

My question is this -- what are the producers up to? Are they trying to draw in older viewers, or what?

May. 29th, 2010


To be a Master

...Pokemon! Sorry, couldn't resist. I've had Soul Silver for a while, and actually I really like it. MUCH better than G/S/C the first time around. Improved graphics, rounded out plot points, the like... Currently, I've just thwarted Team Rocket at Mahogany and gotten my seventh gym badge. It certainly wasn't easy, though...

But I do have to wonder about the characterization given. I mean, you team up with Lance to take down a group of evil people who could potentially kill you, and yet he thinks you, a ten year old boy/girl, are good enough that he can hang back without worrying. Your rival shows up when you're dressed up like a rocket (most likely to challenge the group, himself), but doesn't fight anyone; he just strips the uniform right off you. There's fanart for that somewhere...

...Oh! Here we go.

Actually, there's a lot of questionable things in the game, if you think about it. The stripping is just the tip of the iceberg. There's also Irwin the Juggler, who will call you often to tell you he loves you and is stalking you talk about how he went to watch you compete in faraway gyms, and somehow always knows what you're up to. Your "childhood friend" (you are most certainly not his/her girl/boyfriend!) calls you to tell you about what Marill was up to... in the bathtub. And there have been numerous takes on mating... Is this really a kids game?

Just food for thought.

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